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Exo Terra - Repti Flo 200
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Exo Terra - Repti Flo 200

Repti Flo 200

ราคา 330.00 บาท
Exo Terra - Repti Flo 200
Exo Terra - Repti Flo 200

The Repti Flo 200 Circulation Pump has an energy-efficient and maintenance-free motor that provides a powerful continuous output flow. Perfect for improving water oxygenation; providing water circulation in aqua-terrariums and paludariums; or powering terrarium streams and waterfalls. This compact pump is fully submersible. The Repti Flo 200 Circulation Pump can also be used as a replacement pump for all sizes of the Exo Terra Waterfalls (PT2905, PT2906 & PT2907).

  • Multi-purpose, submersible pump for aqua-terrariums and paludariums
  • Replacement pump for Exo Terra Waterfall
  • Energy-efficient, maintenance-free motor
  • For indoor and submersible use only
  • Also suited for use with the Exo Terra Pebble Waterfalls and the

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