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ประเภทสินค้า : Biopod - ตู้จำลองระบบนิเวศอัจฉริยะ
Biopod รุ่น Eden
Smallest Model Packs a Punch : The Biopod EDEN is ideal for smaller plants and animals. This entry level Biopod is great for the home or office. With a smaller footprint than our other models, it makes a beautiful addition to any docor.
ราคา 19,000.00 บาท  
Biopod รุ่น Terra
Ideal for Small Animals : The Biopod TERRA is ideal for housing terrestial animals or a large number of plants. The TERRA is the ideal size for 2 to 4 small size animals or 1 medium size animal.
ราคา 21,000.00 บาท  
Biopod รุ่น Aqua
Aquarium Meets Smart Microhabitat The Biopod AQUA is ideal for housing aquatic or semi-aquatic animals. As well, it's a great size for small to medium size plants.
ราคา 26,000.00 บาท  
Biopod รุ่น Aqua II
A next generation Aquarium The Biopod Aqua II is a taller version of the Aqua without a terrestrial platform. Perfect for an aquatic only setup, or for very tall plants.
ราคา 28,000.00 บาท  
Biopod รุ่น Grand
Flagship and Largest Model The Biopod GRAND is ideal for the enthusiast and hobbyist looking for a large space to house medium to large reptiles or plants. Grand can house up to 10 small animals, 4 medium size animals or 1-2 large size animals.
ราคา 50,000.00 บาท  
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